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About Insight

We've been providing intelligent insight to the insurance industry for almost 10 years.

Data has transformed insurance in recent years. It has enabled the whole industry to better understand their customers, offer an increasingly personalised range of products and set prices with confidence and accuracy.

Yet despite the clear benefits, many companies are still not maximising the opportunities data affords.

As customer behaviours evolve and technological advances create complexity, it can be all too easy to get lost in the flood of numbers and lose out to the competition.

The reason for this is simple. While many companies know how to manage data, the best ones can comprehend it and use it effectively in their decision-making.

That’s why our services are so valuable. We can help you source data that will help you to better understand your market – and reap the rewards.

Car insurance price index

Our car insurance price index is powered by Willis Towers Watson and based on six million quotes a quarter making it the most comprehensive index for new business car insurance policies in the UK.

Get ahead of the competition with Insight

Our services

Using our insurance market expertise, we’ve created a range of subscription services which offer granular, data-driven insights to help you get ahead of the game.

The services we offer are relevant to:

Car insurance, home insurance and van insurance.

The services we provide allow you to:

Expand your customer footprint by identifying opportunities with underserved customers in these markets and opportunities for new products.

Analyse your price competitiveness in real time to instantly adapt your pricing strategy, and reach the positions where more than 80% of sales are made.

Compete with established brands, leading to greater competition and a wider choice for customers.

Indicate fraud, which costs both the insurance industry and its customers billions of pounds.

Put simply, the wealth of information offered by our services allows you to gain a competitive advantage by putting your customers at the very heart of your business.

Interested in markets beyond the UK? We can put you in touch with our cousins in Europe.


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Our team

When you subscribe to our products, our team of 15+ pricing, analytics, technology experts are on hand to help you extract the maximum value. We are the only provider which offers tailored workshops to help you meet your objectives, and bespoke analytical assistance whenever you need it.

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